Devcember 2-5 The Big Kahuna in Myrtle Beach is coming up. This will be Outdoor Addictions first time attending this event so we are pretty excited! http://www.grandstrandgiftshow.com


Spring is in the air... Starting feel the heat as the summer approches. Let's start tuning ourselves up for a big season on the water! This year Sealand Adventure sports has joined on so go check them out at 2120 Middle St on Sullivans Island! Kites, SUP's and more!!


Summer breezes are starting to blow
Time to break out the kite gear and get lifted!
check out Folly beach watersports for lessons and tours


Check out Folly Beach watersports for Summer time fun on Folly beach!

Winter 2014

US Soccer u14 Battery Academy winds up a great season.
Watch some ondoor futsal action highlights!

November 2013

Lennon Construction's OAFC secures the City of Charleston Premiere Leauge Cup for Fall 2013.
Watch OAFC versus their age old rivels The Old Peculiars "With a Vengeance!" with GoPro video.

July 2013

Surfing on Folly Beach in the heat of the charleston summer is Livin' the dream for groms. Check out Grom fest and see the kids shredding waves on Folly for Grom Fest 2013. Thanks McKevlins and Eastern Surfing Association.

May 2013

Outdoor Addiction Football Club reclaims the Cup again in 2013. Just plain SICK! Check out the video and give us a like.



June 2012

Outdoor Addiction Football Club reclaims the Cup in the spring season of 2012. Next time don't forget to BRING IT!


November 2011
Outdoor Addiction Football Club battles there age old rivals the Old Peculiars for the City Of Charleston's legendary Cup. What will the soccer gods say?


Hurricane Irene blazed a trail up the Eastern Shore. Not so nice to North Carolina.
However “Folly Beach enjoys Irene”
Watch the boyz take advantage of natures extreme forces - Hurricane Irene!

The City of Charleston Premiere level soccer cup is back in the hands of the rightful owner.Watch the boyz dismantle Sin Bandera and drink from the chalice of victory. When I say OA you say FC!!

Check out this winter adventure in the back country of Wyoming.
What do you get when you mix a crew of slednecks with super charged snowmobiles and mountains of fresh pow?“Pure Adrenaline”.

-Some of the Outdoor Addiction team visited the Gulf of Mexico this summer to try and help the Waterkeepers Alliance with the Oil spill.We rode in the new tour vehicle Busta Ride.Watch the video & visit Twitpay.com to help.

On probably the coolest stage, Blackbaud stadium, OAFC dominates there ol foe.
A 2 to 0 victory in the City Cup Championship.
After losing Jacko to the Battery, Brent(keep) for half the season and Broder, Norm, Brent to injuries. Despite playing a few games a man down or no subs. The boys never lost focus, stayed the course. And put on one of finest performances I've seen our club play. Cheers to OAFC past/present!!
7 City Championships 2 State Cups since 2004, That's impressive!!

Strength and Honor- T



Happy New Year. North Carolina was the place to be this year with the Eastern blizzard of 2009. Fresh snow blanketed the Blue Ridges giving us a white Christmas. After a bit of Snowboarding at the legendary Beach Mountain we regrouped on Folly Beach for a little cold weather kitesurfing. Check the latest video and watch our local kite surfers blast into the new year... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkpZ8AbUtdY


OAFC becomes State Champs for 2009! Arriving in Sumter SC as the underdawg it became pretty clear by game one that OAFC was going to be the team to beat. With an early upset we beat the 2008 champs the Greenwood Wanderers 5-2 on their home turf . We started talking about trophy placement early. Trying not to be over confident was a challenge but the team woke up when we took the next game by only a point- 3-2 over the notorious Death Penguins. In the championship game vs.Greenwood Wanderers they were tattered and tired and could only hold OAFC back for a half before goals started raining down. Finalling with a 7-2 Victory the 2009 SC State cup is in Charleston. Come to our local sponsor -D' Allesandro's located at 229 St. Phillips Street in downtown Charleston and check it out. Drink from the cup as we did as we returned to our home turf. Ahh, how sweet it is...


Come on Spring Time!! The water is starting to warm up and the wind is starting to turn favorable. Look out for some new birds in the air while Matty Combs and Fred Harness bring Paragliding to Charleston SC. Basing out of Folly Beach it is going to be awesome. Fly like a bird and go tandem Paragliding. Make this your year to get after it!!!


Brrrrr... it even gets cold in the Carolinas. Winter is here and the water is cold now. Get ready for Christmas and hopefully you can find some fresh pow on the slopes this season.

OAFC successfully defended the City of Charleston Soccer Cup this season. In a close match decided in overtime by the golden goal assisted by Stephan Khouri and polished off by Derek Workman. The boyz will be looking at the State Cup reclamation in the coming season.
Check out "The Legend Lives On" and watch the OA Football Club dismantle our arch rivals the "Hawks Old Peculiars".



Fall is finally here. The water is still warm but not for long. It was a great summer for FBWatersports and will be offering Kite Lessons throughout the off season. Time to start thinking about those wetsuits.

Get ready for Halloween- Brian King is mixing up another big one for this years "Bare as you Dare" party. Along with Widspread Panic this should be one for the history books!


Well OAFC took 2nd place for the State Cup this year. There was some bad Voodoo on the pitch and the soccer gods gave "The Cup" to the Green Landers from Lander College. Good luck in the regionals.

OAFC did however recover the city cup from Hawks Old peculiars. In an exciting match we reclaimed the trophy with a 5-4 victory. 2 goals by newcomer Ryan Trout (AKA the Troutburger), point bingo- unstoppable goal by midfielder Kevin Jackson AKA(Jacko) and 2 laser beam goals by veteren Derek Workman (AKA Work).



Well it's a new year and another winter is winding out. The Snow this year in wyoming was epic. They say the best since back in 1995.
Unleash the Beast was ridiculously frosche.
Look for Video on youtube.com- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot8K4NwBIGY

Then straight into Snomomobiling "The Final Battle" with Johnny P, Boo=Boo, Red Beast, T-Strass, Sick Nick, and Coch T5 Lennon. Video not yet ready.

In Soccer it's time to defend the legendary South Carolina Soccer Cup. One week away is go time on April 19th. Look for updates after tournament.
South Carolina State Champs


OAFCThe October air is starting to cool things down a bit in the southeast. The surf is picking up and the wind has been blowing northeast this hurricane season. There is still time to get a nice ocean dip before the wetsuits come out. You can still call http://www.fbwatersports.com if you want to charter an adventure trip.

OAFC is undefeated this season with 4 straight wins in Charleston's city soccer scene. Sage Martina is hunting the golden boot this season so goalkeepers better keep their heads up. The crew is looking exceptionally strong this season. Hopefully strong enough to bring "THE CUP" back home..

Please Click here or on the OAFC logo above to download the sponsorship information sheet.


Kite surf Folly beachHappy 5th of July!!! We hope you had a blast for the 4th! It's been a windy week and Kite surfing is on! The beaches are starting to pack up and there is a new buzz in the air. FBWatersports has officially launched and there is no better way to stay cool than to hop on board one of our many watersport activities. Check out FBwatersports.com for all the details...

The Regional Soccer Tournament was quite an adventure. In our opening game we led North Carolina 1-0, until the final minutes when our stamina ran out as well as our subs and we let NC come back to take the win. Next, our team tired and tattered had our toughest match against the eventual regional Champs, Florida. Looking like a team of terminators with a full bench of fresh meat it became apparent that without subs we were not going to be able to hold them off. After our final games against North and South Texas in the scorching heat we walked back to the Hoobu a bit humbler, wiser and knowing that the battle was only over "Until next time!"



South Carolina State Champs
That's right OAFC is the SC State Champs!! Although a brutal weekend the team persevered and brought back the SC State Cup! Although the boyz were too tattered to reign on for Charleston's city cup 3-peat, they will be traveling on to Fayetteville NC in quest of the Regional Championships in order for a shot at Nationals May 27th.The tournament will encompass 13 states with one qualifier per state eligible.



Well the soccer team is on their way to the SC State Tournament in Columbia this weekend. The boyz are on their game so it's not out of the question they could bring us back the grail. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they will bring back the State Cup!



OAFC is sponsored again by Coast Restaurant, Mellow Mushroom and Atlantic deck builders The season has started so get on out every Sunday afternoon to see the champs defend their title.


1/31/07UTB Limo LoungeHappy New Year!!! Well, we kicked off the new year with a nostalgic experience called Unleash the beast (UTB). All the old skool was out in Wyoming enjoying a sprinkle of froshy pow pow. Targhee was once again the spot to be. As me a and Clay Bryant (Awarded Beast of the week) ripped Jackson Holes Teton Village we reveled in the glory of our previous weeks Froshe runs at the Ghee. No lines, no hype, just snow from the heavens not from hoses.Matt Combs took the beasts for a ride over the pass in the Limo lounge. There is really only one way to travel once you've been on the Limo lounge in Jackson Hole.




OA Football Club becomes repeat champions in Charleston City soccer league.
A 4-2 victory gets the trophy stamped 2 times in a row. Next season we'll be
looking for a three-peat.



Soccer update OAFC-on to the Finals vs. upset winner A&E Printing(out of nowhere).
It's for the Cup! Dec.3rd. stay posted for time and location.
As for the beach, it's wetsuit time for sure now. (Oceansports.com)
Even saw snow this morning. Thanksgiving looks like it is gonna be frosty.



It's almost Halloween and it's startin' to cool off. Time to pull out those wetsuits (Oceansports.com)
The OAsoccer team is lookin'great this year. It could be start of the dynasty.



Well it's been a great summer. A little paragliding in the Tetons (Jacksonholeparagliding.com).
A little Hurricane Surf at the beach. (follysurfcam.com)
Few gusts of wind to fly the big kites(Halfmoonoutfitters.com)... and a heat wave in the middle of it all!



Looking forward to a new Charleston Soccer League season kickin off Sunday September 10th!!!


The OAFC Football Club clinches the championship at Stoney Stadium.
Brian Workman sustained a cleat wound to the head and received a million
stitches only to meet the team for a victory drink at the Mellow Mushroom
after being hauled off the field by an ambulance.
"No Pain, No Gain."

see the victory footage on the sick vids page



The OAFC Football Club goes to the Finals this Sunday the 21st
at the Stoney Stadium off Lockwood at 3pm.

Check out the trailer for the new
BlackMagic 2005 Movie!
(on the sick pics page)


The Outdoor Addiction soccer team secures the semi-finals and is moving into the Finals.

5/6 and 5/7/2006
The Mid-Atlantic Regional Surfing Competition
(MARSC) was held here at Folly Beach this weekend. Checkout our" best of " vi
deo footage.

OAFC Semi-Finals this May 14th!
New Sick Pics up from Craig Donofrio...nice swells up in New Jersey.
If the Outdoor Addiction Men's Soccer team has got the "Black Magic", ...well the Women's team has been conjuring up some VooDoo of their own. The girls secured a victory last Thursday evening and if all goes as planned, they'll be pulling in another one this Thursday.
April 20th
@ the West Ashley Park.
: OAFC Schedule :

Sun Apr,23 -3pm@ BPF vs Hawks Ol' Peculiars
Sun Apr,30 -3pm@ ANSB vs Real Basil *
~Semi-Finals~ May 14th
~ Finals ~ May 21st
The Outdoor Addiction Soccer team
is undefeated so far into this season with a 5-0 standing. And the
team continues to dig deep for the "Black Magic".

Snomo 2006 was a huge success. Johnny P was the General again.


Happy New Year!!!
Look out for the OAFC 2005 "Black Magic..." A new season start February 19th 2006 so get ready.


Outdoor Addiction Football Club The
Soccer Gods brought darkness to the soccer field on Sunday the 4th. In the seasons to come justice will be brought back to the pitch.
It was a "battle royale" and even though it was the playoffs we all knew it was basically the finals.
We lost , but it was however "Still a Sick season".
Undefeated until the end we know it was a crap shoot when it came down to a shootout.
Could've gone either way.
Damn those Peculiars!

We'd like to thank all our loyal fans for supporting us from the sidelines. See you next year!

As Folly Beach has matured into it's own dream destination spot, it has adopted Outdoor Addiction's Oval FB sticker as it's own logo. OA Copyright 2005- all rights reserved of course.

   Proudly displayed on the new water tower- The FB logo watches over the enchanted island. "Living' the dream" on Folly Beach we look forward to flourishing with the local community.

The water tower had previously loomed over the town with a traditional water tower "Folly Beach" tag. While being a town that is not only vacation spot, it is also home to some rather unique individuals. People of all walks of life, surfers, policemen, firefighters and craftsmen, all with a degree of free-spiritedness and kindness can only found at Folly.

It is more than appropriate that the Water Tower is now "Addicted."

Look out for big changes like the playground construction below the water tower in 2005. Read more at
12/12/04 CHAMPS!
   Outdoor Addiction Football Club wins the finals at Daniel Island Park!
Truly "Living the Dream" the boys won in double overtime to bring the trophy to it's rightful spot -
Shining brightly on the pseudo mantle piece of the Hoo-Bu.

We've re-vamped the site! Hope you all enjoy it. Much more to come as we will now be incorporating video from the vast array of footage that we've been spending so much time on.

   This is the brain child folks. We envisioned a site that is a portal to all things that the Outdoor Addiction encompasses. Be it the latest clips of hurricane surf from the southeast, or the fresh powder getting ready to fall in Jackson Hole, outdooraddiction.com will be your source for keeping up with the sporting world.

   Congratulations to BLACK MAGIC for advancing to the Playoffs with a resounding win over the rival Peculiars! The Magic shut down the Peculiar offense giving up only one goal.

   Playoffs will be held at Blackbaud Stadium.

   Check back for more video!

MAY 2004


   What else describes the feeling of a great surf session, or killer day on the mountains! [ more ]

MARCH 2004
Outdoor Addiction has created its first soccer team thru the Charleston Soccer League. Starting out strong with a win we will keep you posted as the season progresses
    It looks like we are going back to the Teton Ranch this year for another Targhee pow-pow session. Snow has been dumping out west so hopefully we will have a great base by January 2oth when Outdoor Addiction gets there.

Paragliding! Yes fly like a bird with Jacksonholeparagliding.com . Scotty Ha and Matty Combs are just a couple hotshots to look out for in the sky.
   May-June-Kite boarding is blowing in as the water warms up. Everyone checking gear as technology advances.

   Kurt Oberle is abroad with the Tommy Hilfiger sailboat "Freedom America". The around Alone is the race check www.aroundalone.com for an update.

Targhee Wyoming was as always dreamy and now with a new Ranch in the town of Tetonia it will be the resort of choice. The school Bus "Hoo Bu" will be traveling west this summer so come and get it!!

    Some of the boyz are heading out to Jackson Hole again this year for a snow board and ski bonanza.The crew will include Hambone Morrison, Shelby Nelson, Norman Silverman and Tom (Loathar) Martin.We will be dialing into the backside of the Teton mountain range this time and choosing Targhee as this years hot spot. Leaving December 9th we'll keep you posted

A crew of rafters will be following John Pearson and Shawn Bards lead on a 100 mile 9 day adventure in the back country of Idaho on The Salmon River. There will be alot of fish caught and class 4 and 5 rapids. Among this motley crue we will have Hambone and Tom Lennon(T5) with their ladies(Tori and Lauren), both bubbas (Tom Martin and Todd Black), Teton Ted and his woman Nikki, SugT(Drew)and his wife, and Norman and Shelby are looking at a possible Airplane Taxi in for the end of the trip. We'll see how it turns out...

February 2002
Snow boarding

Jackson Hole was this years Mountain of choice. We hit Grand Targhee and the Village with Snow boards this year. As it stopped snowing we moved to the back country. We learned this year that peeps, shovels and knowledge are not to be taken lightly in the back country.

January 2002

   An OA crew headed from Charleston, SC to Key West on the first OA trip of the year. We delivered a 36.7 Benetault Sailboat for Race Week in Key West. Cravin' the water, we set out to the open sea on a gorgeous day....We sailed into a storm on the second day which pitched and knocked the light racing boat all over the place. Although Kurt "old salt" Oberle took it like just another storm... Rachel didn't fair as well... no need to get into details! Cruising down the Florida coastline, sight seeing off the Keys, weaving through reef and fishing off the stern made for a mellow Outdoor Addiction trip. Photos are coming...

November 2001
Whitewater rafting

   The Outdoor Addiction team spent the season rafting the Snake in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the American Rivers in northern California and the Gauley River in West Virginia. It's been a trip! Although north American rafting winds down about this time of year, we're preparing for another killer rafting season (next year supposedly has promised awesome water...)! The North Fork of the American starts kicking early in the spring - chilly but crazy!
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