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Starting at $20 | Daily and Weekly Rentals | Delivered to Your Door


One Day: $20
Two Day: $40
One Week Rental: $45

Both adult (13+) and children (under 12) bikes available.

You don’t have to be in town long to see why bikes are the top transportation choice for IOP locals – there are too many cars for an island this size, streets are small, traffic is clogging, and biking around the island is just plain fun.

Enjoy the ability to stop anywhere for photos or a chat. Pedal through cool morning air to grab a coffee at a café with no worries about parking and then head for the beach with a towel, a book, and some fresh fruit in the basket.

You go on vacation to get away from cars, traffic, and parking hassle so why stress when a bike rental on IOP is so easy? We’ll have you island styling as you cruise the beach then pull into bike parking and drop the kick stand while the drivers curse traffic and feed meters.