UPDATE: Wholesale pricing is now available for online purchasing: OA STORE.  Simply choose WHOLESALE when you add your selections to your shopping cart.  Minimum wholesale purchases start at 25 stickers.  If you are an existing client and wish for us to deliver stickers to your business in person, or if you are a new client wish to begin Sticker Service with us (we provide a stand for your your stickers to be sold and place you on our maintenance route) please contact us at norm@outdooraddiction.com

5” x 3
Wholesale $1.00
Suggested Retail $1.99

1.5” x 2.5”
Wholesale .50
Suggested Retail .99

Outdoor Addiction supplies stickers to 100’s of stores in many different geographic areas where we customize our sticker selection to your specific area.  We have over 100+ designs ranging from city abbreviations to outdoor sports to dogs on surfboards.  We now offer wholesale pricing directly to the public at quantities of 25 stickers or more.

The retail price for these items is usually double the cost or more depending on retailer.
All stickers have bar codes. Outdoor Addiction will service all accounts. We will have weekly checks in each store, restocking the areas needed and keeping track of sales, which items sell quickly etc. The stickers will be properly displayed in our cases, and if other means of display are needed, we will have the proper item which best serves the stores flow of traffic.


Several stands are available and house different sticker sizes and shapes. The stands are usually selected for the available space to display the merchandise. They are clear plexiglass and are marked properly for pricing.

Small Stand
5.5” W X 4.5” H X 4” D
Medium Stand
8.5” W X 4.5” H X 4” D
Large Stand
5.5” W X 10” H X 5.5” D